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Bruce Henderson is a computer engineer living in Southern California. With the help of his cousins he is researching the history of the Henderson family of southern Caithness. You can contact him at bruce@sigalarm.com

Genealogy of the Earls of Orkney and Kings of Scotland

Another gem from St. Magnus – Earl of Orkney by John Mooney.. This chart shows the family connection between Malcolm II, King of Scotland and the Earls of Orkney, including Magnus Earlandson. As it turns it, Malcolm’s bloodline also connects the Earls of Orkney to King Magnus Barelegs of Norway, and Henry I of England.

When Sigurd II died at the Battle of Clontarf, Malcolm II raised young Thorfinn at the Scottish royal court, and later granted him the title of “Mormaer of Caithness”. Because of this bond, Caithness was largely under the control of the Orkney Earls until the treaty of Perth.

Below is a rendering of a chart showing these family ties for further study. Clicking on the image (or here) will open a high-resolution PDF version.

Malcolm II Genealogy

2 comments to Genealogy of the Earls of Orkney and Kings of Scotland

  • marlene pencestazicker

    i am researching my exhusbands genealogy for our daughter (Cathy). From work that has been done already it seems that Cathy’s progenitor was one Benjamine Henderson of Latheron, Caithness. The descendents of Benjamin immigrated to Canada where they were employed with the Hudson Bay Company. The genealogy is very interesting as Peter (son of Benjamin) married a Metis woman (Charlotte Yorston). The family and offspring of other surnames were quite influential in the early days of the Company. If you are interested in communicating with me about the research I would be pleased.

  • Rosemarie Truchon Henderson

    Hello Marlene,

    My 3x grandparents were Peter Henderson & Charlotte Yorston! I would love to communicate with you about your research & hopefully I can hopefully I can help you with mine! Rose

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