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Bruce Henderson is a computer engineer living in Southern California. With the help of his cousins he is researching the history of the Henderson family of southern Caithness. You can contact him at bruce@sigalarm.com

What’s Coming For Ramscraigs


I hope all our readers had a wonderful a joyous Christmas. With Hogmanay right around the corner, there is much to look forward to in 2010. Currently, the family tree is being updated, and a version that covers some of the other families of the area is in work. We hope to expand the number of lines we have published to hopefully include some of the Gunns, a few Sutherlands, and possibly the Bethunes.

Meanwhile, I am trying to put together an expedition back to Caithness for the summer or spring of 2010. I would very much like to re-visit Knockfin, Rhian and finally pin down which of the abandoned houses in Ramscraigs belong to which family.

Part of the work to make any possible trip as productive as possible is finding out as much about the areas as I can. During the Landward filming, I was presented with a host of new facts, which I have been working to incorporate into the history. One effort of research is using aerial images in both the visible and infra-red bands to try and better establish where the buildings were, and where features of the terrain were located, such as the old road (which pre-dates the path of the A9), the village of Ramscraigs, the buildings at Knockfin and Rhian, and the site where they landed Herring at the beach below Ramscraigs.

It has been a struggle to come up with the data, as most of the companies that might have it seem none too eager for business. It may be necessary to collect it myself during my trip. I am far from an expert and doing so, but I am not without some skill in the area.

Any expedition would (hopefully) include documenting the places and stories of the area, in photos, on video and recording the people, that we hope to share with you.

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  • James Buchanan

    Hi Bruce,
    My name’s James Buchanan, from Dunbar, Scotland. We are a closeish DNA match (I don’t have any really close ones, same as yourself.)Nice site, my father’s maternal line come from Caithness too and it’s one of my favourite areas of Scotland.As for the DNA,I can’t really pinpoint an area from where our family originated.Our earliest known ancestor , Robert, born in Stonehaven 1840, was born out of wedlock and descendants of later children match the Buchanan Haplotype.Rather unhelpfully, my two closest matches at 37 markers , a MacDonald from Glencoe and a Gordon from Aberdeen not only represent two different influences ( Norse and Norman), but also are not really close enough to show anything relevant.A soon to be published study shows that Ultra-Norse is most prevalent in the Western Isles and was present in a small sample taken in Caithness too.Anyway, good luck with the research.

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