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Bruce Henderson is a computer engineer living in Southern California. With the help of his cousins he is researching the history of the Henderson family of southern Caithness. You can contact him at bruce@sigalarm.com

The Family Tree Poster


One of the items that appears in the upcoming landward episode is a 20 foot long scroll of paper that displays the family tree as we know it as of June 2009. Several of the cousins have asked what software was used to produce it, and I am sorry to report that it was produced by hand on a Mac using a drawing / drafting package named OmniGraffle. While I had tried many other applications, and they all have their strengths, I found that none of them could produce the diagram I had in my head.

In order to produce the document that appears on television, this diagram is then printed on an engineering plotter, similar to printing blueprints for a house or construction project.

For those of you who wish a closer look, the Adobe PDF version is now posted to this web site under the new “Resources” section on the right. If you open it, be warned that you will need to scroll around to see it. Going forward I will stage documents, audio files, video files and other foundation reference material here for easy access. I have been known to print copies off from time to time, with cousins getting strange cardboard tubes in the mail.

This document is already in need of revision, given what was learned in the last expedition to Caithness, so with luck there will be a new version before the first of the year.

3 comments to The Family Tree Poster

  • angela silk

    what a wonderful site,,,well done, I am a henderson or my mum was…elizabeth campbell henderson…born at saltoun street wick caithness, nov 1921. her mum was lilly henderson. her father was eric and her mother was catherine,they lived also at harbour quay. some of the hendersons had a farm .one of them jessie emigrated to new zealand which i would love to follow up

  • Joyce

    Awesome piece of work ! Thank you

    I found it because I was trying to understand the census addresses for some of the family. I was trying to figure out who was born on the Estate of Dunbeath vs Ramscraig.

    My nephew is descended from George Henderson (1872-1925) who married Mary Ann Murray (1871 – 1911) via their daughter Jessie Gunn Henderson (1900 – 1966) and her son George Grassick. According to the 1881 census, George was born at Ramscraig, Estate of Dundeath and moved to Elgin, Moray where he was a malter. His birth record gives 19 Aug 1872 as his birth date; his death was in Elgin Moray 15 Jan 1925.

  • Joyce

    Oops, error in last post. George Henderson (1872-1925) was not a malter; he was a Spirit Merchant. He owned and ran the Rising Sun Bar on Bridge St in Elgin; the bar is still there today. His son David Murray Henderson (1898-1917) was killed in action in WW1 and is recognized at Flanders Fields. He was with the Gordon Highlanders, 2nd Battalion.

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