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Bruce Henderson is a computer engineer living in Southern California. With the help of his cousins he is researching the history of the Henderson family of southern Caithness. You can contact him at bruce@sigalarm.com

Welcome to Ramscraigs

This site is dedicated to the hard work, determination and memories of all the brave Hendersons and Henderson kin who originated from the Berriedale, Ramscraigs and Dunbeath area of southern Caithness, Scotland. Without their foresight and perseverance, the family as it is today would not exist.

My chapter of this story really gets underway in 2006, when, thanks to a business trip to the UK, for which I am forever indebted to Mr. Tony Gibson, I finally overcame whatever reservations I had and made contact with my Scottish kin.

I spent one perfect, glorious day in East Kilbride talking and visiting the most wonderful people, whom I had only known of at a distance before then. Late in the day, my cousin, Lesley, handed me a two page document with a rough family tree printed on it. For various reasons, much of this information had been lost to us American cousins, and this knowledge was pure gold to me. My cousin Anthony had assembled it from what he knew and what information had come from his father, my father’s older brother James.

Some of the names were familiar, some of them new to me. My knowledge went as far back as “the reverend” as he was called in our house, but here was the name of the reverend’s father – Donald, and beside it “Latheron, Scotland”.

I had never heard of Latheron, when asked my scottish family told me it was “up north in Caithness”.

From this foundation was launched an effort to learn what I could. It started small and simple at first, and grew outward. It transited from simply identifying the members of the family and the various relatives down the ages, but towards the history of Caithness, where they lived, how they lived and how they impacted the world around them.

The effort has been a labor of love, but not my labor alone. As the project has progressed we have constantly collected Henderson cousins and kin, with a few more being found and joined to the project ever month or so. Thanks to all their efforts we have achieved more than I ever dreamed possible.

This site now exists to help us record our knowledge for any and all who wish to learn it. Much of what you read here starts as emails between the cousins, where we reveal new information and discuss and enrich the detail in the telling.

Welcome to Ramscraigs – the ancient home of our ancestors, we are glad you came by! The peat fire is blazing, and there is always another chair at the table.

5 comments to Welcome to Ramscraigs

  • Will Mackay

    Congratulations on your new website. I am sure it will be of great interest to those of us discovering our Caithness ancestry, and particularly those with Henderson connections, and prove to be another valuable resource. My own Henderson forbears were from Clashmore, Osclay, a few miles further north in Latheron Parish, near Lybster. I have not found any link to the Ramscraigs Hendersons so far, but would be interested to know if you have.
    I have taken the liberty of posting a message about the Landward programme on the Yahoo Caithness FHS Group site.I am looking forward to seeing the programme as I have known some of the people you met for a very long time.

  • Bruce

    Thank you so very much! I find this research and the telling of the tale incredibly rewarding and uplifting, and I hope that the excitement from this research never ends.

  • Gordon H. Henderson

    Brother, Brother, you have done the entire family proud. What a fantastic web site and so very well written. As I’m sure you suspected I took a certain joy in reading the portion about Henry the 3rd born. I must admit a chuckled a bit from my ability to visualize and completely relate to his actions. I am so proud of my family, it’s history and it’s future. Your perseverance to this mission you have taken on ensures that those of our future generations will always find the truth of their ancestry and hopefully help find that piece that binds us all to this truth across time within them.

  • Bruce

    It’s a labor of love brother! Soon there will be much more content to enjoy, including the “Ceilidh” version of the origin story. It fills in a lot of the gaps and turns some dry history into a somewhat heroic tale.

  • Sally C.

    Bruce, you have out done yourself. This new site you have created is amazing and I look forward to all the future research that is yet to be discovered. It’s been a great and rewarding journey so far …….
    From, one of your new found Henderson cousins.

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