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Bruce Henderson is a computer engineer living in Southern California. With the help of his cousins he is researching the history of the Henderson family of southern Caithness. You can contact him at bruce@sigalarm.com

Reverend Adam Portrait, Circa 1909

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of a Henderson cousin, we have at long last found our ancestor’s photos. This one is a portrait of him in 1909, the year that he died. By this point his health had become frail, and he was retired from full time duties as the minister of the Busby Free Church.

Reverend Adam C Henderson - 1909.jpg

Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel towards my cousin for finding this, and taking the time to pass this on.

Introducing The Reverend Adam C. Henderson & Family

Reverend Adam C. Henderson.jpg

Some days when you are researching history, you get lucky. Early in our research efforts it became clear that it was very likely that photos of Reverend Adam had been taken at some point during his life, and that there was a reasonable chance that his family was photographed as well. The question would be – had any survived to the present age.

Then, as luck would have it, a cousin and member of the research team found an old photo, in a place where you would not normally keep a photo, such as at the bottom of a dresser drawer.

There, preseved for us to find more than a century after it was taken, is the photo we all hoped existed. It appears to be Reverend Adam C. Henderson, his wife Jane, and the lady at the far end being named Connie Cunningham – possibly a cousin of Adam, along with their children Hughina, Annie, Jane, Baby Isabella, Mary, Donald and Dora. No hint of where James (my grandfather) is during this shot, though maybe he is behind the camera. We are still trying to figure out where this photo was taken, thought it seems like it could be a church doorway, it does not match the photos we have of the Busby Free Church.

I cannot thank my cousin Sheri enough, this is truly a treasure.

[Update 07 Feb 2010] – A special thanks to Kathryn Campbell for giving us a possible location: The graveyard house at Cathcart cemetery.